About Surfond Systems

Our experience spans over two decades and today we offer enterprise grade communications services to local, regional and multinational corporations operating in Nigeria and across the continent.

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About Us

Providing leading edge technology and communication solutions since the year 2000.

Imagine a world where it no longer matters from which platform your communications are sent from – imagine a world where integrated solutions interact seamlessly. Imagine the infinite possibilities this can bring to your business. That world is no longer a distant dream. With Surfond Technologies, a fully converged network becomes your reality.

Our Advantage

As your total communications provider, our advanced network infrastructure enables you to realize your business goals and unlock all the potential benefits of converged technology. We do this by offering you a range of access mediums, secure networking solutions and hosted services. Your freedom of choice and control is further expanded with access to a wide range of application services – all of which can be accessed anywhere, any time.

Our Experience

Our products and services and the networks that they run on, are all geared towards giving your business control and the best value. Whether you’re a large- scale enterprise, a small and medium enterprise business or a government organization – you can be rest assured that your business will be connected, regardless of its size and location.