Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity is the basis of all business communication. Everything, from email, web access, networking, video conferencing, data transfers and backups, to bandwidth-intensive and specialized applications rely on connectivity.

Broadband Solutions

Keep your business connected with reliable and scalable Internet solutions that can grow with your business. Whether you are in a metropolitan or a suburban area, you can almost immediately connect your business to the Internet without having to wait any longer.

Our Broadband Solutions are offered over the following access:

Network Solutions

Bring together all your communications between sites and remote workers, onto a single reliable and secure private network, able to provide both national and global reach when you need it.
Our network solutions give your business a powerful, intelligent, virtual private network and dedicated Internet, connecting you with your stakeholders and resources, locally and abroad.

It provides a secure and reliable network, which intelligently optimizes your wide area communications and business applications. Our network solutions enable you to prioritize time-sensitive traffic, ensuring high availability and dependability.

Our Network Solutions include:

Managed Services

Our managed services are fixed solutions that offer uninterrupted and dedicated connectivity, giving you access to all your enterprise solutions, while keeping you in control of your business infrastructure.
We manage your network end-to-end, providing a single source of simple, worry-free solutions for your business, while freeing up your in-house IT resources for business-critical assignments.

Our Managed Services include:

Professional Services

Our professional services offer management and support of the local area network. It gives freedom of choice and control over how you connect to the Internet and where you can connect from.
We manage your network to proactively prevent any outages that might impact on the productivity of your business.

The service comprises the following service elements:

Our Professional Services include:

Benefits of Connectivity Solutions for your business:

• Reliable, scalable and flexible solutions with high availability
• Link multiple sites, off-site employees, suppliers and partners – locally and abroad – securely and cost-effectively
• Fast and seamless setup with 24hrs proactive monitoring and support
• Cost-effective solutions for all-sized businesses